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Our long established specialty is the design, manufacture, research, and development of all types of processes of wastewater treatment systems. Our focus is for use by those facilities that are outside the reach of municipal waste disposal systems. Wastewater Depot continues to be dedicated to being innovators in providing new and improved technology for our industry.

Treatment Systems


Our Wastewater treatment systems are pre-fabricated at the factory and shipped to the project site with the necessary ancillary equipment for a complete and efficient operating system.



Wastewater Depot, LLC is a world class manufacturer of wastewater treatment systems, dedicated to improving our environment. Our company is internationally recognized in the treatment of wastewater to a quality effluent, which is crucial to preserve the environment in which we live.


Our focus is for the use by those facilities that are outside the reach of municipal waste disposal systems. Wastewater Depot continues to be dedicated to being innovators in providing new and improved technology for our industry.



Our systems provide the utmost in quality and performance while providing minimum maintenance and low operation cost. Our plants can be inexpensively installed below or above grade and easily landscaped to match the surrounding environment, in addition the facilities design can be expanded for additional capacity.

Wastewater Depot’s package wastewater treatment systems are used to remove contaminants from wastewater or sewage at the site without sending this wastewater to a municipal system. The purpose is to convert the wastewater stream into a quality effluent that can be returned to the treated water cycle with minimum impact on the environment, or directly reused. We offer many processes used with our packaged treatment systems, which includes physical, chemical, and biological processes. Aerobic and anaerobic processes both remove contaminants and produce treated wastewater effluent to meet your discharge limits, which will be safe enough for release into the environment.

The wastewater treatment systems are manufactured for applications with hydraulic flow rates from 1,000 to 500,000 gallons per day. Some of these applications include:

  • Subdivisions

  • Resorts & Hotels

  • Apartment Complexes

  • State Parks & Recreational Areas

  • Highway Rest Areas

  • Hospitals & Nursing Homes

  • Military Bases

  • Industrial Sites

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Ancillary Equipment

Systems equipment include flow equalization, screening, aeration, clarification tertiary, and disinfection methods, which are all parts of a typical process system, depending on the effluent quality required by permit.
Our equipment packages include ancillary equipment such as blower motor units, pumps, electrical controls, service walkways, access stairways, handrails, service gratings, and internal process required to meet the effluent requirements to achieve a clear and odor free effluent. In some cases the effluent produced can be
re-used and used for irrigation or grey water systems.

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Ancillary Equipment
Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts

Wastewater Depot, LLC has a full line of replacement parts for your wastewater project with all of the different parts used in wastewater treatment systems. This would include all necessary ancillary equipment and parts needed to correctly operate your wastewater treatment system. Most of the parts can be shipped to your project's site on a timely basis.

We specialize in replacement parts for all types of wastewater treatment systems, including extended aeration systems, aerobic and anaerobic digesters, flow equalization systems, MBR, SBR, sludge holding tanks, steel and fiberglass lift stations, and both gravity and mechanical classifiers. If your system needs any replacement part we are here to provide them for you. Frequently replaced items include: 

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