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Electrical Parts

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Overload Relays

The overload relay controls the amount of amps that flows through the motor. If the motor should exceed the full load amps, the overload will break the circuit.

Control Transformers

The external transformer breaks down the main power and provides 120 volts for the inside components.

Contractors & Starters

This is a magnetic starter that when supplied with 120 volts the blower is turned on and off.

Circuit Breakers

It is a UL 489 listed din rail mounted miniature circuit breaker. Suitable for branch circuit protection. Thermal magnetic over current protection. Two levels of short circuit protection. Categorized by C and D Curves.


Each blower for the aeration chamber shall be controlled by the 24-hour, 7-day time clock and shall be capable of being programmed to control the blower run cycle and to adjust both the start set point every 15 minutes on the 24 hour cycle. The clock shall also include a skip-a-day feature which will allow a separate program., Model #ML-72. A selector switch shall be provided with off, on time clock operation.

Terminal Blocks

The spring cage provides straight through power for field wiring. Accepts 24-6 AWG Wire.

Power Distribution Block

This is where the main power that is provided to the control panel is hooked up.

Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)

The VFD allows the operator to regulate how fast the motor is to run and exactly how much air is to enter the system.

Selector Switches

Selector Switches come complete with the two normally opened contacts. The selector switch controls the hand and automatic operation of the blower.

  • Features
    Corrosion Resistant - The structural steel is painted with a high quality enamel for excellent corrosion resistance. Structural Steel Construction - The WasteWater Depot blower base is a welded steel construction which will provide the support of the blower and motor units as needed. Good Looking - Designed with appearance in mind, the unit has smooth lines to create an attractive enclosure for your installation. Optional Accessories - These units can be outfitted with many optional accessories such as inlet flow restriction gauge, inlet muffler, discharge muffler, pressure relief valve, check valve, pressure gauge, and flexible discharge connections. Units can also be provided with a fiberglass hood for sound suppression.
  • Optional Accessories
    - Noise Suppression Material - Heater - Additional air vent louvers - Cooling Fan
  • Sizing
  • Standard Accessories
    - Hood Opening Support System - Hinged Base - Locking Hasp - Lifting Handle - Air Vent Louver
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