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Air Diffusers


Coarse Air Diffusers

Snap Cap

Wastewater Depot snap cap diffusers consists of two simple parts, the support base and a flexible Snap-On check diaphragm. During aeration, the diaphragm lifts from the base, allowing the air to exit through the orifices in the diaphragm. When air stops, the diaphragm is instantly sealed against the base by the pressure head of liquid, preventing backflow and clogging. The unique edge design of the diffuser locks on the removable diaphragm to avoid blow off during unusual pressure surges. Diffusers are available with 3/4” and 3/8” NPT threads in Celcon plastic base and stainless steel models. Model WWD-75-AD diffusers will handle air flows to 10 CFM. Model WWD- 38-AD diffusers will handle flows to 5 CFM.

Stainless Steel

The Sanitaire stainless steel wide band diffusers are made of 304 or 316 stainless steel* and designed to last for 25+ years. They remain the industry standard and are a smart alternative to mechanical aeration. Its inverted air reservoir stores a sufficient air volume at the center of the diffuser to ensure continuous,
uniform airflow that prevents clogging. The bottom deflector limits debris from entering the diffuser, minimizing maintenance needs. Complete passivation is performed after fabrication, eliminating corrosion problems.

Fine Air Diffusers


WWD fine air bubble diffuser's mixing function provides tremendous surface contact of the liquid being aerated by releasing a 6" length of fine air bubble per unit. Air is sheared as it discharges from the air orifice of the diffuser body. The WWD air diffuser body is 2000 degrees F Heat Bonded Silica with medium pores to create a uniform fine air bubble and are very resistant to clogging.

Tube Type

EDI FlexAir tube diffusers are strong and durable. The diffuser inlet is molded from high rigidity ABS permanently bonded to a PVC membrane support tube to create an integral diffuser body. Mounting connection is 3/4" NPT(M) 304 SS. Urethane membrane is perfect for applications where excessive
amounts of oils and solvents are present. The FlexAir diffuser membrane’s engineered air release orifices allows full utilization of the membrane surface, even at low airflow operation. This results in improved oxygen transfer efficiency and maximum operating flexibility. All EDI tube diffusers feature an
integral "triple" check valve to prevent backflow and clogging due to solids.

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