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Level Sensors

Level Sensors.PNG

Mercury Type

The narrow angle sensors are designed for operating sewage pumps to control the liquid level in the sumps. They can also be used to operate alarms to indicate high or low water conditions within sumps or tanks.

The narrow angle controls can be supplied with normally open, closed, or single pole double throw contacts. The normally open (pump down) controls are used to control operations of a single pump. One control is set for a turn off level and one is set for a turn on level. A magnetic starter with a holding contact, holds the circuit in after the level drops below the turn on level. For the two-pump operation, three controls are used: one for turn off; one for turn on, and one for to turn on both pumps. The normally closed controls (pump up) can be supplied for pump up applications such as filling surface or elevated tanks.
The reliable stainless steel tube mercury switch design has a recommended operating temperature of 170° F and a standard rating of 10 amps at 120 VAC. An optional 20 amp switch is also available.

• Reliable mercury to mercury contacts
• Hermetically sealed stainless steel
• The smooth surface avocado shape keeps debris off
• Trouble-free control design
• Use in sewage and wastewater applications
• Designed for over one million cycles
• Weighted cord hold float at any level
• External weight prevents stress at base of float and keeps wire from cracking
• CPE (Chlorinated Polyethylene) wire is more resistant to oil, chemicals, and water than neoprene wire
• For use with intrinsically circuits
• Weight or pipe mount available
• Not sensitive to rotation
• Zinc split cast iron weight
• Solid polyurethane construction
• 86 milligrams of mercury per switch


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