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Oil & Grease




ROOTS Synthetic Grease is a high performance lubricant suitable for multiple services and extreme conditions. Features include: excellent bearing protection under a wide range of speeds, loads and temperatures; low coefficient of friction; resistance to water emulsion and superior wear protection.

This grease is recommended for use in Roots URAI-G Gas Units.

One 14.5 oz tube

Designed for the gears and bearings in rotary lobe blowers, pdblowers synthetic blower oil exhibits outstanding resistance to oxidation, shear and thermal degradation as well as excellent lubricity and anti-wear properties. Our synthetic blower lubricant provides excellent protection against rust, corrosion, foaming and air entrainment.

Oil grade ISO 220 is intended for use at a blower discharge temperature of 250°F to 300°F (120°C to 149°C)

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