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Aeration Systems

Pond Aeration System

The TEII-PA-10 Aeration System is used to provide aeration of liquids using the induction of surface air by means of an oil-less compression and in combination with the fine bubble induction BOD Diffusion system. This is the most effective and efficient way on aerating the liquid as well as mixing it. In addition, biological activity is increased. Oxygenation of Effluent DO levels can be easily met.

The TEII-PA-10 can also be used in ponds and small lakes by delivering high dissolved oxygen levels and mixing of the water. The speeds up nature's cleansing process without excellent aeration for fish life. In cold weather conditions, it can be used as a de-icer.

  • Features
    Corrosion Resistant - The structural steel is painted with a high quality enamel for excellent corrosion resistance. Structural Steel Construction - The WasteWater Depot blower base is a welded steel construction which will provide the support of the blower and motor units as needed. Good Looking - Designed with appearance in mind, the unit has smooth lines to create an attractive enclosure for your installation. Optional Accessories - These units can be outfitted with many optional accessories such as inlet flow restriction gauge, inlet muffler, discharge muffler, pressure relief valve, check valve, pressure gauge, and flexible discharge connections. Units can also be provided with a fiberglass hood for sound suppression.
  • Optional Accessories
    - Noise Suppression Material - Heater - Additional air vent louvers - Cooling Fan
  • Sizing
  • Standard Accessories
    - Hood Opening Support System - Hinged Base - Locking Hasp - Lifting Handle - Air Vent Louver
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