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Tertiary Filter Media

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Evolution Aqua K+ Advanced Filter Media

Evolution Aqua has developed a brand new filtration media called K+ Media. This advanced media, with it's innovative structure, is molded with minerals for faster beneficial bacteria development and improved bio-film. K+ Media also has much larger protected surface area than any other Evolution Aqua media.

  • Class leading total surface and protected area

  • Exceptional solids removal thanks to efficient design

  • Enhanced biological filtration compared to K1 Micro or beads

  • Minerals added during manufacturing provide faster maturation times

  • Available sinking and floating

  • Dimensions: 8mm length x 10.2mm diameter

BioBalls Filter Media

BioBalls biological filter media provides an excellent source of secondary filtration media to harbor beneficial bacteria and keep your pond balanced and clear. BioBalls are a lighter and more effective solution to biological filtration than traditional porous stone. The bio ball conforms to the shape of your filter box, are easy to clean and last forever. 

  • Maximum Surface Area For Bacteria

  • Easy To Clean, Re−usable Biological Filter Media

  • Keep Water Clean & Clear

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