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Flow Equalization Treatment Systems

Holding and Pumping Process


To meet today’s secondary treatment effluent limits being discharged from domestic wastewater and the flow rates will vary through out the day, a flow equalization system would be recommended to receive the flow prior to the  secondary wastewater treatment process to meet the effluent limits. The Wastewater Depot flow equalization system can meet those requirements. The process is called flow equalization. They are used to slow the peak flow rates down to average 24 hour flow rates.

Flow equalization system

V-Notch weirs for controlling flow rates

Surge return to holding chamber

Flow  proportioning chamber


• Schools - most schools see all of their flows in a 9 hour period therefore a 30% holding volume is required

• Factories - 8 Hours single shift and 16 hours double shift  which will have different holding volumes

• Restaurants, are in 24 hours, on an express way

• Resorts - all flows in a 6-8 hour period with high flows on weekends


The flow enters the flow proportioning chamber where the average design flow rate is allowed to pass through the V-Notch weir and surge flow rate is returned to the flow equalization chamber for re-processing.

Unique Features

The Wastewater Depot flow equalization system systems features a compact design, automatic air and liquid control system, quality components ideal for retro-fitting, ease of installation, and simple operation.

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