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Chemical Feed System

Chemical Feed System (Hypo-Chlorinator)

A well-engineered chemical feed system is an essential part of an effective wastewater treatment process. When a feed system is not designed properly, the wastewater effluent will not meet discharge limits and operating costs will increase. Wastewater Depot offers solutions utilizing a pre-engineered and packaged unit ready to be installed.

Wastewater Depot’s chemical feed systems can be used for various applications,
including phosphorus reduction and chlorination/dichlorination feed for disinfection of your effluent waste stream. The system is a complete assembled package which includes a peristaltic metering pump, 30-gallon solution tank for chemical storage and electrical components to allow for plug and play operation. Chemical Feed Systems may be outfitted with a 4-20 mA signal input, optional mixer, thermostat, timer and/or heater. Our chemical feed systems are housed within a proprietary fiberglass housing offering protection for outdoor installations.

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